Testosterone Assessment Test


Testosterone Assessment Test


The following test will assess for symptoms of Low-T.

Please note that this a short 1 minute test that is not meant to replace a diagnostic test from a medical doctor. However, this will be the easiest way to determine if you are at risk of having Low-T.

After you answer Yes or No next to each question below, please click on the “Analyze My Testosterone” Button below and we’ll give you’re results.

You’re results are kept confidential and will NEVER be shared with anybody. Your privacy is protected with us.

Important: You must complete every answer or your results will not be displayed accurately. Let’s begin…


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Question #1: Do you ever feel you lack energy or are tired often? yes no
Question #2: Has your strength levels diminished in recent years? yes no
Question #3: Do you find it harder and harder to burn fat? yes no
Question #4: Is it harder to gain muscle compared to before? yes no
Question #5: Do you notice sudden mood swings or get irritable often? yes no
Question #6: Do you not enjoy life as much as you did before? yes no
Question #7: Do you not get erections as often as before? yes no
Question #8: Have your sex drive decreased? yes no
Question #9: Are you not as confident as you were in the past? yes no
Question #10: Do you feel pepople don’t respect you or you get made fun of often? yes no
Now that you’ve answered all of the questions above, click on the “Analyze My Testosterone” Button below now to view your results.