5 Health Benefits of Sex That Will Surprise You



5 Health Benefits of Sex That Will Surprise You

Written by: Mike Westerdal, Certified Sports Nutritionist

Couple in love - Beginning of a Love StoryAlthough researchers have known about the health benefits of sex for a long time, only in the last decade has the taboo surrounding sex research been lifted, which has led to increased number of studies in this areas.

And as the body of research grows, experts are increasingly recognizing sex as an under-utilized resource in terms of boosting physical and emotional well-being. Some research also suggests that sexual activities can be classified as moderate intensity exercise. Very interesting! Here are five health benefits of sex that may surprise you!

Health Benefit #1: Improved Immune System

 Evidence suggests that there is a positive link between increased sexual activity and orgasm with the human immune system.

Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD a sexual health expert, says “Sexually active people take fewer sick days”. People who have regular sex (one to two times a week) tend to have levels of Immunoglobulin A (a major antibody to combat disease and protect the body from flu) in their bodies three times higher than people who do not have sex frequently.

Additionally, sexually active people are less exposed to heart related problems due to higher level of oxytocin, a neurotransmitter (brain chemical) that is produced during arousal and orgasm. Regular sex also increases your body’s capacity to defend itself from a variety of germs, viruses and other intruders.

Research conducted by Wilkes University found higher levels of certain antibodies in students who had sex once or twice a week compared to students who had less sex.

Health Benefit #2: Healthy Skin 

It may be hard to believe but sexual activity helps to keep your skin healthy. First, having sex increases the heart rate and therefore, the blood flow.

The increase in blood flow rate promotes healthy, supple skin. Also, regular sex activity and orgasm release endorphins and hormones into human body that help to heal skin damage caused by environmental factors such as sun exposure and more.

A number of studies have found that people who have sex on a consistent basis can look years younger than people who are less active sexually. Additionally, sweating during sexual activity helps keep your pores clean and open, making your skin look brighter and reducing the risk of developing dermatitis. Some researchers also say that sex can help to get rid of pimples by impacting hormones that cause flair-ups.

Health Benefit #3: Pain Reducer

Pain concept.Numerous studies have confirmed that sex is a natural pain reliever. In fact, some studies have found that sex is ten times more effective than typical painkillers—and without any side effects.

Research shows that levels of the hormone oxytocin increased by five times immediately after orgasm, determining a massive release of endorphins which heals different types of pain, ranging from a minor headache to arthritis.

Health Benefit #4: Increased Lifespan

 An active sex life can extend your lifespan by years. A ten-year research study conducted by Queens University (Ireland) on 1,000 middle-aged men found a positive relationship among regular sex and increased lifespan.

People who had orgasm more frequently had half the death rate than the people with lower sex frequencies from the same age and health group. There are a number of factors that impact this but part of it is attributed to the fact that several hormones released during sexual activities increase our bonding and intimacy, which leads to greater feelings of well-being. Some experts say that frequent orgasm (around one hundred per year) can increase life expectancy by three to eight years.

Health Benefit #5: Healthier Bones

osso feliceSex helps us to have healthy bones. Doctors and researchers have noted that testosterone levels increase in the human body during and after sex.

For years, researchers have known that testosterone plays an important role in maintaining a strong and healthy skeleton in males. Testosterone is also known to decrease bone resorption and stimulate bone mineralization, both of which lead to healthier, stronger bones.

So there you have it – five healthy reasons to start having more sex. The next time your mate proclaims that she is ‘too tired’ for sex you now have a logical, scientific case to convince her otherwise. 

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