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The foods you eat every day are slowly destroying your testosterone production and causing you to lose your energy, sex drive, ability to burn fat and prevent muscle gains.  These “hidden” ingredients have been plaguing men for nearly 50 years and in this article, we’re going to expose these harmful foods and give you a healthier solution so that you can burn more fat, have more energy, increase your sex drive and pack on muscle faster than ever before.  

So pay close attention..

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If you answered yes to any of these questions above, you’ve got a problem…a BIG PROBLEM!

Did You Know by the age of 35, men’s testosterone production has declined by nearly 25%?  This is making it harder and harder for you to build muscle, lose fat, and have the energy needed on a daily basis.  As you’re about to find out, it doesn’t have to be this way.  There are some “unique” ways to naturally boost testosterone levels which you’ll find out about on this page.

In Fact, according to, testosterone levels have plummeted even more in recent years.[1] Everyday items like air fresheners, xenoestrogens, stress, plastic water bottles, candles and sugar are drastically lowering our t-levels.

Did You Know processed foods are “silently” KILLING your testosterone levels without you knowing about it.  Let’s take a look at 3 ingredients robbing you of your manhood and 3 ingredients that are boosting your estrogen (female hormone) levels below.

In Fact, a recent study conducted by the Grocery Manufacturer’s Association states that OVER 80% of packaged foods eaten in the U.S. every day are contaminated with ingredients that adversely affect your health and can even lower T-Levels.  Let’s take a closer look…

3 “Hidden” Ingredients Robbing
You of Your Manhood

MSG mercury artificial-sweeteners
This is a neurotoxin that is permanently stored inside your brain.[3] Studies have shown that your testosterone levels will decrease by eating this ingredient for long periods of time.MSG has also been known to cause headaches, numbness, chest pains, and sweating.

Some foods that contain MSG include many frozen dinners, ranch dressing, potato chips, Chinese food and many packaged and processed foods.Food manufacturing companies attempt to disguise this ingredient by not having the words MSG on food labels.  However, here is a list of ingredients that ALWAYS contain MSG: Glutamate, Monopotassium Glutamate, Textured Protein, Glutamic Acid, Monosodium Glutamate, Yeast Extract, Gelatin, Hydrolyzed Protein, and Yeast Foods.

What to Do About It: Start buying fresh foods from the outside aisles of the grocery store.

This is a testosterone KILLER! When consumed it has been known to build up in the Leydig cells of the testes, brain and pituitary glands.There have been numerous studies showing this ingredients significantly lowers testosterone levels.

Even worse, this ingredient can have a negative health side effect on our fertility and thyroid functions greatly affecting our ability to burn fat at an optimal level.[4]Mercury is also a neurotoxin!This means it will lower your IQ and make you dumber over long periods of time.

Mercury can be found in farm raised fish, high fructose corn syrup,and certain types of rice.[4]

What to Do About It: Chose wild caught fish from the frozen section of the grocery store.

Food and beverages that are sweet and do not contain sugar are most likely laced with artificial sweeteners.[2]There are several fake sugar ingredients but two of the main ones are aspartame and neotame.

Aspartame is listed on many of the food labels but neotame is the silent killer.Neotame is NOT required to be listed under FDA regulations.Some of the nasty side effects of these ingredients include lower testosterone levels, decreased vision, seizures, headaches, diabetes, and even Parkinson’s disease.[10]Some of the most common foods that contain artificial sweeteners include diet sodas, yogurts, chewing gum, cooking sauces, flavored water, cereals and sugar free products.

What to Do About It: Start using natural sweeteners like Stevia.

But…Low-T is only half the problem.

estrogen You also have to worry about the foods that boost your estrogen levels. Estrogen is the opposite of testosterone and is the reason men are becoming weak and girly in our society.  It’s ok to have a small amount of this hormone in your body but it has gotten out of control over the past decade.  Check out some of the worst ingredients that boost estrogen levels below.

3 “Scary” Food Ingredients
Boosting Your Estrogen
(Female Hormone) Levels

soy phyto tap-water
Soy is the “CRAZY” ingredient turning men into women slowly but surely or should I say “Shirley”.Studies have shown that men who intake soy for long periods of time can have slow beard growth, hair loss, decreased sex drive, and a lack of energy.[11]

This feminizing ingredient should be AVOIDED by men at all costs as it can literally ruin your manhood.Foods that contain soy include cereal, breaded food, certain dairy products, sauces, stews, lecithin, soy nuts, soy beans and vegetarian dishes.[5]

Did we mention it’s the most genetically modified food on the planet?

This hidden ingredient is the plant version of soy protein found in foods.Phytoestrogens can be found in some high fiber foods such as cereal and particular beans that are high in lignans.

Much like soy, this can slowly feminize a man by increasing our estrogen levels slowly over time.[12]


Many more hormone-scrambling substances enter our water through dumping and runoff from pharmaceutical companies and other corporate polluters.Every year, millions of tons more of these pollutants enter our food and water system… and out of more than 80,000 of these synthetic chemicals in use today, over 870 of them have been positively identified as hormone disruptors[13].

Yes, that’s almost a thousand chemicals sending your body’s natural hormone balance spiraling out of whack every time you take a sip of water or sit down for a meal…

Solution: Use BPA Free bottled water or purified water as this is a good start.

These scary food ingredients are literally robbing you of your manhood and causing you to suffer from Low T.  But don’t worry because…


As you can see, our testosterone levels nation wide have been dropping at an alarming rate ever since the industrial food revolution in the 1950′s. This was the era when food manufactures began producing foods with artificial ingredients and chemicals in order to meet the demands of a growing population.

Although the intentions were good these mass produced foods have caused side effects such as a decline in energy, sex drive and the ability to build muscle & burn fat.

While they were able to produce food in mass quantities and make more money in the process, men worldwide have experienced a sudden decline in energy, sex drive, ability to build muscle, and burn fat.


I’ll start with the bad news. Many of the “cures” for this problem are much worse than the actual the problem.

For example men all across the country are running in herds to get hormone replacement therapy also known as HRT. The issue we have with this treatment is two-fold. Firstly once you start, your body shuts of it’s own natural production and you’ll have to keep injecting yourself with needles for good. The second issue we have with HRT is the fact that you’re injecting synthetic hormones into your body.

Okay maybe you want to skip the needles and figure you can just take some potent testosterone boosting supplements. You get the same problem though, most of these will shut down your body’s natural production of testosterone while damaging your liver more than the injections would.

What else can a guy do to boost testosterone? You’ve heard of those gels and creams too right? My buddy was putting the cream on at night and his girlfriend leaned up against him at night and started growing facial hair. Scary! No thanks. If you think these options aren’t very appealing, don’t stress out there’s an easy natural fix.

Just eat food that naturally elevates your T-levels.  Now, on to the good news…


Below is a list of 3 superfoods that boost your testosterone and gives you more energy…

Testosterone Boosting Superfood #1: Beans

beansTry consuming more of these: kidney beans, black beans, navy beans, lima beans, baked beans and pinto beans. All are high in fiber, zinc and protein, which makes them perfect for boosting your testosterone levels.[6]

A recent study concluded that zinc could also help your body convert estrogen into testosterone. Remember, you only need small amounts of estrogen for your health. In fact, zinc may help you increase sperm production. If you’re planning on starting a family, this is an important consideration.[6]

Testosterone Boosting Superfood #2: Nuts

nutsThis food is a great way to get a healthy snack in, especially at night to prevent overeating. Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, and Walnuts are high in protein and healthy fats which have been proven to increase testosterone levels naturally.[6]

You can bring a bag of these with you to work, eat them as a late night snack or have a handful throughout the day. Just make sure to consume with moderation, due to the high fat content.

Testosterone Boosting Superfood #3: Surf ‘n Turf

surfThis specialty dish not only tastes AMAZING but has been proven to boost testosterone levels in men due to its high content of Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamins B3, B5 and B12.[7][8]

Surf n’ Turf combination platters include mouth watering foods such as Lobster, Shrimp, Filet Mignon, Top Sirloin Steak, New York Strip and Oysters.[8][9]

These are just 3 of the 101 superfoods we’ve researched which will help you turbo charge your T-levels so that you can have more energy, skyrocket your metabolism, slow down aging and give your sex life a kick-start in as little as 30-days.

Now you can re-program your body to turbo charge your testosterone levels, have more energy, skyrocket your metabolism, slow down aging to a crawl and have more sex in as little as 30 days with T-Surge.  

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#1: Fight Cancer

It is a well-known fact that 1 in 3 men will get cancer in their lifetime. This is partly due to the toxins in our foods and environment. Inside this manual, you’ll arm yourself with the knowledge needed to fight cancer. We give you the proven foods you must eat to boost low T, strengthen your immune system and safeguard your body from cancer cells.

#2: Improve Your Heart Health

Another well-known fact is 1 in 2 men will get heart disease if they continue eating the same processed foods with chemicals and toxins. However, inside 1T-Surge, we will give you the exact foods to eat in order to prevent this scary statistic.

#3: Eliminate Groggy Brain Fog

Eliminate foggy memory by replacing the foods you eat with “all-natural” food swaps proven to enhance your brain powers in just a matter of weeks.You can even fight Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.

#4: Repair Your Digestion

The typical diet consumed by men consists of cooked foods that have been drained of the enzymes needed to maintain a healthy gut flora. A healthy gut flora determines if you can lose fat and greatly affects your overall immune system. With T-Surge, you will properly digest your foods and transport vital nutrients to your body for optimal performance.

#5: Regulate Your Blood Sugar

T-Surge is proven to regulate your blood sugar so that you can avoid dangerous diseases like diabetes. Over 25 million Americans have diabetes and by 2034, the # is expected to increase by over 90%. Today you can avoid this disease and normalize your blood sugar levels so that you have energy all-day long.

#6: Heal Joint Pain and Arthritis

As your testosterone declines, it takes longer to recover from any physical activity. Even worse, aches and pains become an ongoing issue. However, this won’t be An issue as T-Surge will fix this problem and allow you to recover much faster so that you can move around like you’re in your 20’s again.

Here’s What You’ll Learn Inside

  • Get an unbiased review of the most popular testosterone boosting alternatives and why they may be damaging your body…pages 10-12
  • Why creams, gels, patches and prohormones are NOT always the answer to Low-T…pages 11-13
  • The 14 foods you must AVOID that destroy your T-Levels…page 17
  • The 8 testosterone-friendly foods that helps to burn fat and build muscle fast…page 18-21
  • The 2 “little-known” vitamins that can natural boost your t-levels, strengthen your immune system and promote healthy bones…page 19
  • How to eat “healthy” and “testosterone friendly” snack foods so that you can treat yourself and burn MORE fat…page 20
  • The 9 testosterone friendly fruits that nobody wants you to know about…page 23-27
  • The 18 different types of meats that pack on muscle, burn fat, increase your energy levels and sex drive at the same time…pages 28-35
  • The 28 veggies that cleanse your body from toxins, boost t-levels and protect your body’s organs…pages 36-49
  • Discover how you can eat chocolate and other cheat foods can skyrocket your t-levels…pages 50-51
  • Why caffeine can help fight diseases and give you BURSTS of energy…page 51
  • The 1 “mineral” that promotes energy production, muscle and nerve health which also boosts t-levels…page 52.
  • The one tea that our ancestors drank that rejuvenates your body, boosts your metabolism and cleanses your body from dangerous toxins…page 55
  • 13 “strange” herbs and seeds that elevate your T-Levels…pages 59-62
  • The 3 seafood items that pack on muscle, increase T-levels and boosts your immune system…page 63
  • The 8 different types of nuts that can supercharge your energy levels and normalize your blood pressure…pages 64-66
  • The 11 different beans that fight diseases, increase your metabolism and help detox your body…pages 67-69
  • The 7 Deadly things you must avoid that are PROVEN to decrease T-Levels…page 72-73
  • The 1 group of “exercises” that will increase your testosterone production fast…page 70
  • Why you MUST avoid this “one” ingredient found in 70% of dairy drinks in the U.S. that damages your natural testosterone production levels…page 72

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investmentno-shippingSo where can you go from here? Simple…

It’s Your Body and Right Now You’ve Got 2 Choices…


Option #1: You could try to use expensive and dangerous solutions such as hormone replacement therapy, creams, gels, patches and Non-FDA regulated pills to solve your Low-T problem.

Even worse, you could sit there and hope your testosterone naturally corrects itself. This is like playing the lotto and expecting to win. The odds are stacked against you!


Option #2: You can follow a simple to use PROVEN plan that will tell you EXACTLY which foods you’re eating that are causing your testosterone levels to deteriorate and get 101 superfoods that help skyrocket your testosterone levels FAST!

Everything is “Done For You” in one easy to follow system so that you get “real results” in just 24 hours.

Obviously, the choice is clear. Just go with Option #2 right now and grab your copy of the brand new “T-Surge” manual by clicking here now.

Here’s a toast to your new “Testosterone-Friendly” Lifestyle!mike - anthony


Mike Westerdal & Anthony Alayon

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